IPQC Assistant

            Job description:

              Working location: ma on shan economic development zone treasure their west road no. 399

              Salary: negotiable

              Release date: 2013-06-08

              Demand number: 2

              Expiration date: 90

              Job description:

              1, timely discover and produce line abnormal issue tracking and verify the implementation of the related corrective actions and effects

              2, the first inspection of production line and self-checking, 6 s supervision;

              3, analysis, process capability and quality improvement;

              4, correct the quality question, has the right to stop the production.

              5, cooperate with development department in new product development and quality control;

              6, cooperate with related departments in the trial production of new materials and quality control;

              7, assist QE analysis, processing and solve customer quality issue, meet the demand of internal and external customers, continuously improve product quality satisfaction;

              8, actively improve work processes, improve work efficiency;

              Job requirements: bachelor degree or above, have experience in LED epitaxial wafer, chip manufacturers, IPQC.


              Contact: hr@www.maasulekhadevi.com miss liu

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