Production manager

Job description:

  Working location: ma on shan economic development zone treasure their west road no. 399

  Salary: negotiable

  Release date: 2013-06-08

  The number of demand: 1.

  Expiration date: 90

  Main responsibilities: to ensure normal operation of production, control production raw material, tracking production plan production summarized into a situation

  Job description:

  1. Responsible for coordinating production, tracking production plan implementation; Responsible for production workshop goods supply security;

  2. Responsible for the production of sampling observation of quality of raw materials, tracking the usage of substrate; Responsible for the quality of the production of raw materials,  analysis of finished products;

  3. Responsible for production workshop report monthly raw material consumption and settlement center, with clearing center of the corresponding work;

  4. Responsible for team personnel attendance, evaluation;

  5. Be responsible for the ISO system document writing and operation.

  Education background: college degree or above;

  Trained experience: received related products knowledge production process flow and education training in production safety; 2 years or above related working experience;

  Skills: have a certain level of English, familiar with various office software skills, strong ability of management; Serious and responsible attitude, good at communication, good team work spirit.

  Contact: miss liu

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