Chief investment officer

Job description:

Job description:

1. Responsible for intention of investment cooperation projects of due diligence, deal structure design, preparation of business plan, or to submit work plan and the initial project budget plan, project feasibility analysis, investment value analysis report, etc.

2, be responsible for screening and identifying investment projects, provide analysis report, for risk management.

3, responsible for implementation of investment and financing work for follow up, control, evaluation and management.

4, responsible for group company important business negotiation, and government relations maintain coordination, financial institutions, investment Banks, important cooperative partner relationship maintenance.

Job requirements:

1. Between 30 to 50 years of age, economic, legal, accounting, bachelor degree or above, major in finance, investment, etc.

2. 5 years of PE, investment Banks, fund companies and other related industry experience and lead the team to experience.

3. Strong communication and coordination ability, organizational ability and learning ability, able to endure high strength work pressure, strong risk awareness, sense of responsibility, has the good moral quality and professional ethics, delicate temperament image.

The company benefits: a commuter working dinner 5 insurances staff travel accident insurance award

Company address: anhui ma on shan road 399 deqing economic and technological development zone treasure

Contact: 0555-7185817

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