Investment officer

Job description:

Job description:
1. Responsible for the proposed investment project due diligence and the structure design of the proposed investment project legal risk analysis.
2. Clean up the problems in study of due diligence, risk analysis.
Job requirements:
Between 25 and 35 one full year of life, economic, legal, accounting, bachelor degree or above, major in finance, investment, etc.
2. Familiar with venture investment, equity investment, capital operation, etc.
3. 2 years or above working experience in the business of private equity (PE), be familiar with equity investment, merger, acquisition and reorganization of business.
The company benefits: a commuter working dinner 5 insurances staff travel accident insurance award
Company address: anhui ma on shan road 399 deqing economic and technological development zone treasure
Contact: 0555-7185817

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