Hr manager

Job description:

Job description:
1. A comprehensive overall planning of the company's human resources strategy and administrative management system.

2. Establish and perfect the company human resources management system, formulate and improve the system of human resource management; Complete administrative regulations, and carry out related work.

3. To make the company human resources development and administrative work of planning, and supervise the implementation of the execution plan.

4. Shaping, maintenance, development and dissemination of corporate culture.

5. Timely processing company the important human resources and administrative problems in the process of management.

6. As a whole the administrative work, establish and improve the company's various management systems.

7. Plan and audit of human resources and administrative costs

Job requirements:

1. Between 30 to 50 years of age, human resources, business administration or related bachelor degree or above.

2. 8 years or above related working experience, 3 years working experience in hr and administrative secretary, group company personnel administrative secretary experience is preferred.

(3) of modern enterprise human resources management model systematically understanding and practical experience, the various functions of human resource management modules have a deeper understanding, to guide the work of each function module; Recruiting module, familiar with management and implementation of the administrative work.

4. With modern administrative and human resource management concept and solid theoretical basis.

5. Familiar with national, regional and enterprise on contract management, salary system, personnel mechanism, insurance benefits, training and other aspects of the laws, regulations and policies.

6. Strong planning and implementation ability of execution.

7. Strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership, sense of responsibility, ambition.

The company benefits: a commuter working dinner 5 insurances staff travel accident insurance award

Company address: anhui ma on shan road 399 deqing economic and technological development zone treasure

Contact: 0555-7185817

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