Chip technician

Job description:

Job description:
1, finish any tasks assigned by the superior.

2, drafting and modifying the chip processing technology and related equipment calibration.

3, the chip production operation technician positions practice training and assessment.

4, chip production daily work of technical support, master the simple equipment maintenance and maintenance.

5, new material, new equipment, validation and acceptance.

6, the determination of chip processing related process and parameters are correct.

7, learning new knowledge new technology application equipment.

8 complete all process test, design and write test report


1, sexs

2, undergraduate course, science and engineering, mechatronics, electronics and other professional

3, adapt to shift work, 2 white 2 nights 2 at 8:30 - selves

The company benefits: a commuter working dinner 5 insurances staff travel accident insurance award

Company address: anhui ma on shan road 399 deqing economic and technological development zone treasure

Contact: 0555-7185817

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