Epitaxial engineer

Job description:

Job description:
Is responsible for the MOCVD GaN epitaxial process control and improvement, product performance data for statistical analysis, and solve the problems appeared in the process of production of a variety of process, ensure the quality of epitaxial wafer products conform to the requirements of the customers.
1. The MOCVD GaN epitaxial process control;
2. The processing process problems in production process, put forward the improvement scheme;
3. The special process, process improvement, etc to evaluate epitaxial wafer testing, and report form;
4. Good production process to improve product quality and yield, reduce the production cost and increase the production output;
5. New process development, validation, etc; 6. Track the daily operation of MOCVD system, to ensure the stability of the MOCVD system, normal operation.
1, bachelor degree or above, materials, microelectronics, semiconductor and other related professional
2, has the MOCVD epitaxy growth more than one year working experience;
The company benefits: a commuter working dinner 5 insurances staff travel accident insurance award
Company address: anhui ma on shan road 399 deqing economic and technological development zone treasure
Contact: 0555-7185817

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